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A pioneering force in the retail industry with an illustrious journey that began as a single grocery store and has now flourished into a network of 31+ supermarkets. Our roots extend globally through a robust import-export trade, fostering connections across continents. Nestled in Dudhai, Kutch, Gujarat, Bharat, our world-class food processing factory exemplifies our commitment to quality.

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Pillars of Patel Retail

Food Processing

Patel Retail Limited thrives in food processing, boasting a vast setup with multiple units dedicated to processing diverse commodities. Innovation and quality define this pillar, ensuring excellence in every product.


Patel Retail Limited stands as a global powerhouse in exports, contributing significantly to the economic landscape across continents. Renowned for its expansive reach and unwavering commitment, export operations form a formidable pillar of Patel Retail’s success, driving growth and prosperity worldwide.


Patel Retail Limited dominates the retail sector with 31 stores and three In-house brands offering a comprehensive range of FMCG and grocery items. The pillar of customer-centricity elevates the experience, making each visit a seamless blend of variety and satisfaction


We invite you to our cutting-edge infrastructure located in Dudhai, Kutch, Gujarat, Bharat—an emblem of excellence in food processing. Our world-class facilities epitomize innovation, equipped with state-of-the-art technology to meet industry demands seamlessly. At Dudhai, we prioritize safety and quality, ensuring our customers receive nothing short of the best. Our meticulously designed laboratories uphold the highest standards, conducting rigorous quality checks. Additionally, our Distribution and Packing Facility in Ambarnath MIDC streamlines operations, ensuring efficient and timely delivery. Come, witness a harmonious blend of precision and scale as we redefine the benchmarks of excellence in the food processing industry. 

Our Brands

Indian Chaska

 Unveiling the Essence of Authentic Indian Flavours, Patel Retail’s Trusted Choice for Premium Quality Spices.

Patel Fresh

Elevate your culinary journey with premium quality pulses, nuts, dry fruits, and more – where excellence meets taste in every product.

Patel Essential

Elevating Cleanliness Standards with a Diverse Range of Quality Products for Modern Living.

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