Our Team

Mr. Dhanji Patel

Chairman & Managing Director

Our journey began with a dream to create a sustainable business in the food industry. Hailing from the village of Dudhai in Gujarat, my vision for Patel Retail emerged as a commitment to provide safe and quality food at reasonable prices.

Since stepping into Mumbai, we’ve navigated challenges, embraced technology, and prioritized continuous research and development to stay at the forefront of the evolving food industry. Our dedication goes beyond profit; we strive to ensure farmers receive a fair price for their hard work by sourcing directly from their farms.

As we witness the transformation in the food industry, Patel Retail remains committed to being a global provider of safe and affordable food. Our customer-centric approach sets us apart, and the trust our clients place in us fuels our strength. We are expanding our offerings, introducing new products, and envisioning Patel Retail as a leading player in the food industry.

Our journey has been marked by an unwavering pursuit of excellence, making Patel Retail synonymous with quality and trust. Looking ahead, we are excited to elevate your shopping experience by expanding our outlets and product range across various commodities. Patel Retail isn’t just a retail giant; it’s a force for positive change, a catalyst for growth, and a paragon of innovation.

Board of Directors

Dhanji Patel

Chairman and Managing Director

Bechar Patel

Whole Time Director

Hiren Patel

Non Executive Director

Nitin Patil

Independent Director

Yashwant Bhojwani

Independent Director

Harshini Jadhav

Independent Director

Leadership Team

Rahul Patel

Chief Executive Officer

Bharat Patel

Chief Operating Officer

Mahesh Patel

Head, Retail Business

Manish Agrawal

Chief Financial Officer

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