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Employee Testimonials

Working with PRL offers the flexibility to embrace individual styles, fostering a serene and inclusive work culture that is rich with opportunities. Managers demonstrate steadfast support and enthusiasm for upcoming projects, creating an environment where continuous learning and professional growth are integral aspects of my role.
Rachana Sathe
I have had the privilege of being affiliated with PRL for over a year, and the experience has been exceptionally rewarding. During this time, I have been entrusted with valuable opportunities and responsibilities that have significantly contributed to my professional development and accelerated my growth.
Angeline Nathan
Having been associated with Patel Retail Limited for the past 18 years, I have experienced a supportive work environment that fosters employee autonomy. Each day at work is characterized by a sense of joy and fulfillment.
Sachin Thakkar
I take pride in being a part of PATEL RETAIL, where the organization places a strong emphasis on both its employees and corporate culture. This commitment fosters an environment conducive to personal and professional growth, allowing us as employees to cultivate passion for our careers.
Anil Tolani
At PATEL RETAIL, a strong sense of familial camaraderie prevails. The company actively fosters and celebrates personal growth, underscoring the significance of each employee. From my initial internship at PATEL RETAIL to my current role as a full-time team member, the collective atmosphere within the organization has consistently made me feel like an integral part of a supportive family that encourages and backs my professional development.
Kailash Gyanani
In 2016, I commenced my journey with Patel Retail as an Administrative Executive. Through dedicated effort and the invaluable opportunities provided by the company, I have progressed to the position of Department Head. I express my sincere gratitude to Patel Retail Limited for the support and opportunities afforded to me.
Rahul Pawar
I have had the privilege of contributing to Patel Retail Limited for the past 16 years, embarking on a transformative professional journey that began as a Salesman and has culminated in my current role as the Manager of Purchase. I express my gratitude to Patel Retail Limited for providing me with this enriching opportunity.
Krushna Jadhav

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